Astrometrics Ensign Rinix | Star Trek Adventures RPG Character Artwork

I am running a little RPG campaign of „Star Trek Adventures“ for the lovely people over at Orkenspalter TV! In my Thursday livestreams, I’m drawing artwork for our characters and guest characters – this time, it’s the Astrometrics Specialist.

The Denobulan Ensign Rinix has created his own little refuge in Astrometrics. Seeing as he doesn’t need much sleep, he spends more time there than in his quarters and the place is a bit of a mess. That doesn’t stop him from offering frequent movie nights on the big screen, to which even the Captain has shown up on occasion. When he’s not in Astrometrics, Rinix enjoys tinkering on the Holodeck, recently upsetting several crew members when their tennis programs had to be deleted to do a big simulation…

Star Trek Adventures is a published Role-Playing-Game by Modiphius Entertainment.
Und 2020 erscheint eine deutsche Version des Spiels beim Uhrwerk Verlag!

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Star Trek Adventures Episodes:
01 – „Kriegsverletzung“:
02 – „Meuterei, 1“:
03 – „Meuterei, 2“:
04 – „Primäre Mission, 1“:
05 – „Primäre Mission, 2“:
06 – „Varix“:
07 – „Die Wissenschaftliche Methode“:

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