Lieutenant JG Enain Ri | Star Trek Adventures RPG Character Artwork

I am running an RPG campaign of „Star Trek Adventures“ for the lovely people over at Orkenspalter TV! In my Thursday livestreams, I’m drawing artwork for all of the major and minor characters on the USS Hawking. This is the ship’s chief science officer.

The Betazoid Enain Ri first began his carreer in Starfleet in the non-commissioned Security training. He soon decided that wasn’t enough and transferred to the Academy with a focus on the Sciences. His honesty (to the point of rudeness) often aggravates Captain Varix. Despite this, he’s a competent scientist and also dabbles in weapon technology and has an interest in time travel paradoxes.

Star Trek Adventures is a published Role-Playing-Game by Modiphius Entertainment.
Und 2020 erscheint eine deutsche Version des Spiels beim Uhrwerk Verlag!

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Star Trek Adventures Episodes:
01 – „Kriegsverletzung“:
02 – „Meuterei, 1“:
03 – „Meuterei, 2“:
04 – „Primäre Mission, 1“:
05 – „Primäre Mission, 2“:
06 – „Varix“:
07 – „Die Wissenschaftliche Methode“:

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